Looking At The Most Common Personal Injury Case Causes

Looking At The Most Common Personal Injury Case Causes

personal injury attornyThere are many different types of personal injury cases, and honestly, I wasn’t even aware of how much these personal injury attorney Reno NV need to know until I interned for one my sophomore year. And although I didn’t go into law, that year was an education!

Personal Injury From Dog Bites

Had a couple of these cases. While they might seem to open an closed, you’d be surprised how often a lot of fighting takes place over how the state laws are written. Many of them have an unusual amount of a grey area language.

Personal Injury From Car Accidents

personal injury lawsExpected plenty of these and saw plenty of them. The sheer number of threatening letters that had to go out to insurance companies versus the person at fault for the accident – just stunning.

Personal Injury From Slip and Fall

I heard some good stories about these and some apparent fakers, but naturally in the summer months didn’t come up a lot.

Personal Injury From Medical Malpractice

No question, these stories are often quite heartbreaking, and some of the stories of incompetence were just jaw-dropping.

Personal Injury From Libel and Slander

The hardest part of these cases? Proving damages concretely.

This scratches the surface of many of the types of personal injury cases that are commonly out there.

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